The Pain of Disconnection

My PR person wants me to write about pain. Makes sense since the reason I began to expose myself to the world through this website and my writing is because I am a pain doctor and believe I have an important message to communicate about the pathways to releasing pain. What is obvious to me, and might not be so obvious to others, is that all of my writing in the inspiration section here has been about pain and pathways to releasing it. When I wrote about self image I was writing about something that drives chronic pain in many pain sufferers. The same with all of the other topics I have written about. They all point to the main dynamic that drives all pain – the dynamic of connection versus disconnection.

On self image for example, Dr. Sarno’s work is all about how one’s beliefs about themselves are the key driver in the presence or absence of pain in their body/life. When a person believes they have a “bad back” (herniated disc, etc.) because they have been told so by a medical professional, their back pain is often unrelenting. Then upon being diagnosed with TMS and being told they do not have a structural back problem (“bad back”), their pain can disappear with in days to weeks with a return of normal functioning and a normal life. A change in self image is clearly causing a change in body function. Self image then is a key determinant in health and wellness.

The key dynamic underlying all is one of connection versus disconnection. And this is what all of my writings have been about. When a child is born they are part of a whole with no distinction between what is them and what is not them. For an infant, the whole world is “me.” Mommy and daddy are part of them from their all connected perspective. So are the floor and the furniture. For the infant all is one (me). Gradually over time that perspective shifts and the infant develops the concept of self and other. And here is where all the problems start. Spiritual teachers have said for eons that we are all one. So the infantile perspective may have been the correct one all along. The struggle in adult life as I attempt to regain a spiritual perspective is the struggle to again see all as one. And as I write, I highlight that struggle in it’s various different expressions.

In disconnection we are in pain. It may be physical pain expressing as a pain syndrome or other illness. Or emotional/spiritual pain expressing as mental unrest/illness. The answer then is to reconnect – to ourselves, to others, to nature and to God. And my writings are about the ways we can be disconnected and the ways to then reconnect, which are the pathways to releasing pain. So come with me on this healing journey if you will!

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