Whats Love Got To Do With It?

Spiritual teacher Matt Kahn talks about a love revolution! You can find Matt on YouTube if you want to hear him speak. He believes that if every person on the planet woke up today and said to their own heart, “I Love You,” that all of our planetary problems would end in that instant! Fukishima and other toxic sites immediatly cleaned up and poverty, hunger and war all things of the past! My brain says that sounds a little far fetched. My heart, which I have told “I Love You” this morning, knows that he is most likely correct!

So is love that powerful? I believe we all know it is. We all know that when we experience love everything seems right in the world. Think of the experience of being in love! Most people love to be with babies and house pets. I believe it is because of the ease with which we can experience love from those sources.

A country song talks about “looking for love in all the wrong places.” So where do we look for love? As Matt Kahn suggests we can start the search inside ourselves. We can always love ourselves, not that it is always easy. It has been said that we can, fake it until we make it. So even if self love isn’t easy or comfortable we can do it anyway. So look in the mirror today or just look at yourself in your minds eye and risk telling yourself, “I Love You.” It can’t hurt and may help more than you can imagine!

Once loving has started inside then we can share it. I believe you can’t share what you don’t have. So cultivate that love inside then let it out. As you meet someone on the street you might not feel comfortable telling them you love them and you can think it in your mind. You can tell them with your eye contact. This is especially important with the ones that we find difficulty being with. Let’s let love transform our difficult relationships. Many have written of the transformations seen with this approach. Let’s love the slow driver on the highway ahead of us. Hard for me and I plan to do it today!

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